Transcend DrivePro 200 – Best Dash Cam For Your Car

Transcend DrivePro 200 is one of the best answers to traffic and driving issues. It is a dash cam that captures clear video that can be used as evidence or when examining events. It boasts a bright 2.4” color LCD screen, making viewing and playback easier. It’s easy to install and operate and it comes with a wireless smartphone connectivity so videos can be easily accessed through smartphones anytime and anywhere.

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  • 32 GB micro SD card
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Accident detection sensor
  • Lacks GPS support
  • Low audio quality
  • Fairly noticeable from outside
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Key Features

  • All day protection – with its large f/2.0 aperture, the DrivePro adjusts to light conditions, ensuring that will capture all the details of the event. This includes even license plates at any time of the day.
  • State-of-the-art lens design – the DrivePro is composed of 7 glass lenses and 1 infrared filter lens which prevents fogging caused by heat after long recordings.
  • Wide capture scope – the glass lenses of Transcend DrivePro 200 provide a wide viewing angle of 160° with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p at 30 fps.
  • Never miss critical moments -the DrivePro is designed to easily capture critical moments. If a collision happens, the Motion G-Sensor detects the impact and then triggers its Emergency Recording mode – the Emergency Recording mode sets write protection to the affected recording, as well as the important seconds before the event. Thus, the vital information will not be overwritten.
  • Easy access videos – the DrivePro also comes with a free DrivePro App. The user can download it from the App Store for iPhone users and at Google Play Store for Android users. With its wireless smartphone connectivity, it makes streaming, download, and sharing of videos easy. This is perfect for when reporting incidents immediately to the police or insurance companies.
  • Two car mounts selection – you can attach the DrivePro to the dashboard either with the suction mount or the adhesive mount. One can buy the package of their preference.

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DrivePro Dash Cam – Affordable Yet Jam-Packed

Our lifestyle today has brought us to painful traffic. In fact, most of us wouldn’t really go out unless it is necessary. The worst is when we go out and get into an accident. Fortunately, dash cams might help in solving traffic disputes.

Transcend has ventured into a niche that surprises us all. They are popular for their high-quality but reasonably priced memory cards and thumb drives. But now, they are ready to get into the dash cams market with its DrivePro series.

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How Transcend DrivePro 200 works?

The camera itself is surrounded by a chrome-effect ring around the lens bezel. It is quite noticeable from outside the car so it might be best to have it removed when the car is parked. This is where the quick-release clip comes in handy.

When you will turn the camera on it automatically starts recording and creates a new video file every minute which would take around 110mb of file size. But, you can change this to 3 or 5 minutes in the settings. Also, by default, the video include the timstamp along with the audio.

One thing to note is its lack of GPS. So, there isn’t a concrete way of telling where it recorded a video.
Also, you can view the video on the camera’s 2.4” screen with audio. But, the volume is non-adjustable. The footage is fairly high quality but it is enough to see license plates during the day. At night, the details become less viewable. But, compared to other dash cams, Transcend DrivePro 200 has the ability to overexpose the footage for a better image.

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The DrivePro 200 dash cam is perfect for those who are looking for a dashboard camera that records videos in Full HD. Also, people who are looking for a dash cam that has a built-in Wi-Fi, the DrivePro 200 is a good choice.

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  1. Reply
    christopher f schraml March 4, 2016 at 12:00 am

    I got this today. Some minor complaints: Yes it is bigger than some other cameras, but OK for the price. I wish it came with an USB-Mini B cable rather then the video cable, but it does come with a SD card in package. When camera is recording a red light blinks. The blinking does ot bother me in the day, but I do not like it at night. Probably will put a piece of electrical tape on it. The screen lets you know its recording as well. Suction mount works great. I can easily remove camera from windshield, when I do not want the camera to be seen. I hooked it up to my computer. Video playback seems OK, but gets very grainy when viewed on full screen. Sound volume is good, but sound can be very choppy, if viewed on full screen on my computer. I have not tried the Wi-Fi, nor tried to watch video on my TV. I don’t know if I 100% recommend it, there is probably better options, but it is nice and does its job.

  2. I’ve used this dash cam for a few days now and like it very much.PROS-Good build feel.-Clear video which is good both day and night.-16GB microSD included is a nice touch.-Seems like a quality company and comes with 2-year limited warranty.-Small enough for my needs, fits in the palm of my hand.-Capacitor allows for a more extreme range of temperature operation versus battery.-Long power cord allows it to be hidden along the nooks of the upholstery from above my windshield, along the passenger side frame and under the glove box to the power source with still a little length to spare.-Wi-fi capability to upload to another device is nice but I’m content using the microSD with my card reader.-Navigating the menu and settings are very simple, didn’t even need the manual to adjust how I like it.-The mount is sturdy enough for its purpose (the cam itself is very light) and I notice no excessive shaking or wobbling even going over a speed bump or pothole.CONS-Microphone is very quiet, have to use 200% volume when viewing a video on my computer.-While I’m fine with the size, there are much smaller and discreet dash cam’s out there.-The ring around the lens area shines a bit, would prefer it to be matte black like the rest of the cam but this can be fixed at home with tape or nail polish.-Comes with adhesive only option for the mount (fine for me), would be nice if it could be swapped for a suction mount but they have an official version you would have to buy separate. The separate suction mount also has a greater range of adjustment which seems odd that it would be on an aftermarket part rather than have it come with the camera.

  3. So far the DrivePro is proving a worthwhile buy. Most important to me were: 1) Great-to-excellent picture quality; 2)power source is uninterrupted, i.e. plugging into vehicle’s power socket/cigarette lighter; and 3)looped-recordings, i.e. old recordings are replaced by new recordings automatically.My impression thus far is that all three aforesaid criteria have been satisfied. I will not go into a detailed breakdown of the DrivePro because I feel one can search out Techmoan on the internet; he gives a detailed analysis of features, video/sound quality, etc. My only disagreement with Techmoan is with the recorded sound quality – I’m ok with it. It is able to pick up the indicator/turn-signals had been engaged (click, click, click). So should there be an event whereby proof of having used one’s indicators is required…In summary, I cannot at this time speak to the longevity of the product as I have only had it for two days (received 2014 08 11). It doesn’t come with a storage bag and that maybe something to consider purchasing to protect it when/if removed from stand.UPDATE (20 October 2014):The camera is in use whenever the vehicle is being driven. Camera continues to behave as previously mentioned…no problems there. One issue though – the stand that ships with the camera is flimsy. It’s a ball and socket stand that I have glued to interior of front windshield. The ball and socket has become loose – the camera can move around with the slightest of nudges even though one has tightened the ball-socket connection. Eventually one will have to replace the stand with something much more sturdy…an additional cost this customer wasn’t expecting.

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