Samsung Gear S3 Frontier SmartWatch Review

Samsung Gear S3 is updated version of S2. It features an advanced Bezel for improving navigation. The design is a big chunky but comes with advanced features, like more apps exposure, advanced fitness tracking system. It also boosts compatibility with non-Samsung Android phones as well.

8.1 Total Score
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Scores

  • It features LED display.
  • The gadget is capable of giving the best performance.
  • It has a desirable battery life.
  • It has friendly users interface.
  • Automatic exercise tracking system may not work according to desires.
  • Display can’t afford too many of Tizen apps.
  • Style may not be favorable for everyone.
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Key Features

  • It is compatible with Android and iOS phones.
  • It has smart notifications, heart rate tracking and fitness system and built-in GPS with navigational rotating bezel.
  • It boosts battery life of 2-3 days.
  • Face size is 46mm, round.

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What is Samsung Gear S3 Frontier?

It seems that Samsung is hell bent on making Smart watches a big success. The South Korean tech giant is looking forward to incorporate all the features of a smartphone in this watch. Samsung Gear S3 is updated version of Gear S2.
The smart watch is based on Tizen platform, something that limits its use for versatile apps. The watch features and automatic fitness tracking programme LTE radio and many other such functions. Company has also focused on designing friendly Users Interface. In many regards, Gear S3 is easily distinguishable from S2.

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Software of Samsung Gear S3

The gadget utilizes Tizen version 2.3.1. In order to show the features in a perfect way, one can use rotating bezel. Clockwise rotation of Bezel gets access to all the notifications. While, anti-clock wise rotation gives updates about your added widgets. Design is perfect to use so many features in one rounded watch size, chunky design.

The watch also shows current weather situation, burned calories, calendar and favourite contacts, by default. All the above mentioned features are what that manifest in basic Interface of Gear S3. It seems that Samsung has tried to make its product more effective with the help of spinning Bezel. The feature allows turning on or off the alarm with rotation of bezel rather than just a swipe. For many users, this function may be more useful.

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Use of apps on S3 Gear Smart Watch

Bezel can also be used to play game, but continuous ticking not only produces interruption but can also be tricky. Further, there are not too many options available on Tizen so one may not play advanced games.

The major complication in software is presented by functionality of apps. Small display may not be perfect for all the apps, but some of them show up in excellent way. For example, updates from your service provider through a ride hailing app, or skimming news headlines instantly, are two perfect features.

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Communication features

Further, S Voice feature to make calls and communicate through messages is very effective. Still, one may face a delay of action upon giving command to the S Voice.

Well, such delay is not too much and usually a characteristic of such devices. One can write text messages by scrawling on screen, after a notification pops up.

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Hardware of the Samsung S3 Gear Frontier

The very first thing in hardware of the watch is its size. The smart watch may not fit everyone. Those, who really want it to be smart, may find it hard to deal with. In previous versions buying of an exclusive strap was compulsory but now users can use a 22 mm strap to fit the watch to their wrist size.

If Frontier is too much masculine, then one can choose for more classy and elegant design. But the difference of two watches is not merely style, later doesn’t have anything like S Voice or LTE radio; it only comes up with standard Bluetooth, wifi and other such basic features.


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If you want to enjoy full fledge functions of all the apps, then wait for Android. Tizen offers limited use in term of apps and other such features. Further, if you choose to buy Classy version, then you would have to choose for less features with same price. Overall, Samsung Gear S3 offers the experience that it promises in the form of price.

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Price History

Price history for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier SM-R760 Smartwatch
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News About S3

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Fix for Samsung Gear S3 battery drain issue begins rolling out

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Samsung Gear S3 owners reporting poor battery life following latest ...

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Samsung releases Tizen 3.0 update for Gear S3 smartwatch

Samsung releases Tizen 3.0 update for Gear S3 smartwatch

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Samsung Connect: Monitor and manage smart devices with the Gear S3. Gear VR controller: Control your Gear VR from your wrist. PPT controller: Control your PowerPoint presentation with your Gear S3. Samsung Health: This app has been updated with support...


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