Prynt Case for Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 7

Prynt case is a cool device powered by app of same name. It brings photographs to life instantly through its unique print mechanism, by first converting them into video. Sounds great doesn’t it?

6.8 Total Score

  • Instant pictures
  • Video inside photo
  • Ink inside photo
  • Picture quality
  • App use required
  • Quite expensive
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Key Features

  • Modular, for iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.
  • It coordinates with Prynt app to save the video and to take out print of photo.
  • It has Prynt Zink paper to make photo.

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What is Prynt Case?

Printing out instant photographs after capturing them with camera is an old tradition; it had faded away with the advent of digital camera.

After the introduction of smartphones and social media, printing out picture became a story of past. Now, printing pictures is becoming a trend again.

The Prynt case is a device, powered by Prynt app. It synchronizes well with various models of iPhone, saves picture in video format and then takes out the print of it. Well, one can share the picture through using various Prynt app then allow another friend to take out its print.

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How Prynt Case Works?

Prynt is in fact a black case. Initially it is designed to be compatible with iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. So, there is a big no for Android users.

One needs to put his iPhone into Prynt case, press the shutter to take photograph, and print out the picture while using the Prynt app. The process seems to be very much simple, but it has many complexities.

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Sometimes Frustrating

First, users who always keep their iPhone in cover, may hesitate taking out the cover and then using the Prynt case.

In case when taking print is too urgent or it sound too cool, then removing cover becomes a hassle free thing.

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The 5 Sec Video Inside The Picture

After capturing the photo, Prynt app makes the video, the user shares it with a friend who can unlock the video through app and can print it out; the process is an ultimate way of bringing picture into life.

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Prynt Zink Paper

An ideal size of picture printed through Prynt is usually 2 X 3 inches. Prynt case doesn’t need to carry a special ink cartridge and paper portion; which is in fact a plus point.

It comes up with Prynt Zink paper that can take photo prints in certain range.

Well, number of photograph printed per case is a real limitation, something that makes a person to buy another Prynt Case after a certain period of time.

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Sticker Pictures

Print photos don’t fade away with time easily; they are also a bit tear resistant but not strong like a standard hard copy photograph. Pictures taken from Prynt are in fact more like stickers, they use ink-free technology and don’t require anything like photographic film.

Further, Prynt app also offers some funky filters on the likes of Instagram and Snap Chat but they are more limited to printing only.

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Photos Quality

The photo quality taken through this device is not up to the mark. Pictures usually appear blur, applying filters further reduces their HD quality. If pictures are just taken as fun then poor quality is affordable up to certain extent.

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Prynt case is not at all like some digital or film camera, dedicated to bring out high quality pictures even in hard format.

The basic purpose of this device seems to act as a cool dude while being in company of friends or do some more fun while taking out picture. But in the modern app oriented world, Prynt app is something that amalgamates tradition with modernity; it is acting an ultimate way of bringing photos to life.

If you are ok with a bit blurry printed photograph taken instantly, then Prynt case is for sure his thing; it is more like a way to have fun. In spite of all its cool highlights the price is high and might not worth it.

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  1. After the last software update the colors are now very good. Prints a nice 2″ x 3″ picture fast. Con: have to take your phone out of the case for it to fit into the printer. Be nice if they provided an adapter cable so you would not have to do that.

  2. I don’t love the quality of the photos, I would much rather get them printed. It is a fun case and just a cool toy to have. I bought mine in Jan and it is now March and doesn’t seem to work 🙁 It says there is no more paper and I’ve tried everything costumer service has asked.

  3. I got this as a gift way in advance for my cousins birthday and she recently opened it. She says it prints with lines across every photo.

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