Garmin Forerunner 735 XT – Review

Garmin Forerunner 735 XT is a fitness training watch. Athletes find its use during cycling, running and swimming. It comes with advanced tracking and monitoring devices and offers precise data metrics.


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Key Features

  • Gamin Forerunner has a heart rate monitor
  • It also features easy to control buttons
  • It comes up with Garmin app
  • Its rubber strap acts to perfectly tie it up around the wrist
  • It is a race predictor and offer VO2 max estimate
  • It is also a recovery advisor.

What is Garmin Forerunner 735 XT?

Garmin Forerunner 735 XT is a multi-sports specific watch. While earlier versions of the watch were bulkier, new Garmin Forerunner 735 XT is much relatively smarter than earlier bulky versions like Garmin 920 XT, but it still misses the elegance of smart watches. Still, new Garmin is small and one can wear it on daily basis.

The watch is more like fitness trainer and helps in keeping track of heart beat rate. Apart from this, it also helps in monitoring all the activity with provision of some basic training metrics.

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The watch is designed to suit the needs of athletes. It is small and easy to wear and hence accompanies an athlete through a complete triathlon. It is light in weight and doesn’t feel an extra burden during all that tough physical activity. Gadget boosts a minimalist design, which is something rare of sports based watches.

The watch contains a little portion of bezel with more metal. Watch is style deficient, but fits best the requirements of a sporty device. It also utilizes mix of control buttons around the bezel. A fitness tracking watch can never be losing. Afterall, it is matter of taking accurate measurements while being attached to the wrist. Garmin Forerunner 735XT has achieved this ideal function through, a strap that stretches to the rubberized metal producing a perfect snug.

Heart beat monitor works automatically. Hence, it stops when there is no need, thus saving the battery. But this automatic function is not smart enough to detect the surface. For instance, it remains on while being put on the surface of table. But being attached to any surface other than skin is not something to worry about. Because, it doesn’t measure anything, hence doesn’t consumer too much energy. Apart from its own monitor, watch can has an optional heart rate strap as well. Those, who need more accurate data, can rely on this.


In terms of sports, Garmin Forerunner 735 XT covers three basic games, including racing, running and cycling. Motion sensors help to track indoor training while GPS Sensors help in locating outdoor training and running. GPS remains an ideal option for using inside the pool.

The heart rate monitor is built-in. It is the best assistant for training in different zones. These optical heart rate monitors are great but, still people need chest straps for more accuracy. Hence, the watch has optional straps that are quite compatible. Athletes who need more accuracy can opt for such devices.

Auto stroke detection system provides in depth swimming tracking data. In 1000m swimming pool Garmin Forerunner 735 XT counts 50m for one length. The device doesn’t have automatic stop and pause buttons. So, one need to perform these functions automatically. In swimming pool, one needs the tri-chest strap. Water simply limits the functionality of heart rate monitor, by disabling HR Tracker.

Data is more accurate for cycling. Again, during mountain biking or racing, heart beat monitor may not prove to be as much reliable.

Garmin Connect App

In order to get an in depth view of the data one has to use the Garmin connect app. It doesn’t require any button for synchronization with phone and connects automatically via Bluetooth. Hence, it is quite likely for few devices to experience a difficulty in getting connected.

Specs From Manufacturer

Lens Material Strengthened Glass
Strap Material Silicone
Physical size 44.5 x 44.5 x 11.9 mm
Weight 40.2 g
Water Rating 5 ATM
Display Type Sunlight-Visible
Display Size 1.23″ (31.1 mm) diameter
Display Resolution 215 x 180 pixels
Color Display Yes
Battery Life: Smart Watch Up to 11 days
Battery Life: GPS Mode Up to 14 hours
Battery Life: UltraTrac Up to 24 hours
Memory/ History 80 HRS of activity data

Time/Date YES
GPS Time Sync YES
Alarm clock YES
Stopwatch YES
Sunrise/Sunset Hours YES
Watch Face Creator YES

Garmin Elevate YES
Compass YES
Accelerometer YES

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Garmin Forerunner 735XT REVIEW!

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Garmin 735 XT - Fitness REVIEW

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Garmin's new Forerunner 935 adds more advanced training features to the previous 735XT

Garmin's new Forerunner 935 adds more advanced training features to the previous 735XT

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Garmin's latest sport watch — the Forerunner 935 — looks to be the most advanced yet in its Forerunner series. It comes with GPS, a host of sensors (including heart rate, altimeter, and barometer), and supports Garmin's expansive range of tracking...

Garmin Forerunner 735XT review

Garmin Forerunner 735XT review

November 24, 2017 - TechRadar

One of the strongest, most impressive things about the 735XT is that it's such a sleek device with so many features inside. If you've seen the 910XT or the Forerunner 920XT, you'll know that the previous triathlon watches from Garmin have been chunky...


Garmin Forerunner 735 XT is an advanced design for sports watch. It offers great functions, except heart beat monitor that may fail in certain situation. If you can afford a chest strap heart beat monitor then Garmin watch is great for you. If not accurate then it gives at least near to accuracy readings.

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7 thoughts on “Garmin Forerunner 735 XT – Review

  1. Great watch. Only downside is the lack of a quick release for it, and barometric altimeter if you do skiing (or want to use a Garmin power Pod). Not an issue at all for me, just remember it if those things are important for you

  2. Good watch. Very light, and might look a bit cheap because of that. I have a very small wrist and it looks fine (smallest of garmin’s).

  3. Very well made. well made and efficient Good design in a pretty box. A gift for my Daughter attending college and she loves them. very easy to use I expect commodity in time to the logistics very quickly, I hope I will always use it, this is a worthy purchase products here, this is a pleasant shopping.

  4. Absolutely fantastic. Really easy to use – much easier than my old 610 which died during a race. GPS comes on a lot faster than my old Garmin and is a nice added bonus to have the heart rate feature as well.

  5. I did a lot of research on wearables, and followed online reviews for a while before deciding on the Forerunner 735XT. When you’re paying nearly twice what an Apple Watch costs, you want to make sure you’re making the right investment. My choice was heavily influenced by the fact that my sport is triathlon. There are not many heart rate-tracking wearables that are ‘swimming-capable’ watches (e.g. Apple Watch, Polar) so the field was not crowded. Below is a grouping of my pros and cons. Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Unit, Black and GrayPros:-form factor: Garmin has packed a GPS, on-wrist heart rate monitor, and a few other smart-watch features into one of the slimmest form factors around. One of my favourite things about this is that it does *not* look like a running watch. I prefer round watch faces as well.-battery life: somehow that slim form factor also includes a watch that on average lasts a week between charges. Results will vary, but for me that 1 week of battery life typically includes about 5 workouts/week averaging an hour of activity. I turn off the watch’s Bluetooth (and therefore notifications) except for when I need to sync data to my iPhone, which I typically do daily. What this does mean that on a typical 4-5 business trip, I don’t need to take the watch’s charging cable with me.-companion iPhone app. The Garmin Connect iPhone app hits the sweet spot of data detail and graphical beauty. You can geek out if you want on the full gory details of your workout or sleep tracking, or you can just see high-level overviews. The Garmin Connect store has some pretty nice watch faces, many of which are free.Cons:-price: Good grief this thing is expensive. And if you want to unlock the full capabilities (gait analysis, underwater heart rate, etc.) Garmin will upsell you another CDN$150 with their Tri-Bundle. Gulp. Pro or age-grouper triathletes might “need” that extra feature set, but that’s a lot of money.-display clarity: the main way Garmin squeezes a week of battery life in this small form factor is by making the display a passive e-Ink (non-touch) display. In low light conditions you have to use the backlight button. It’s not very bright, and in anything other than bright sunlight, my ageing eyes struggle to make out all the fields.-the desktop app: The desktop app is much less polished than the iPhone app but the desktop app (and USB cable) is the main way you get new widgets and watch faces onto the watch. I think Garmin could work a lot more on the look and feel of their desktop GarminConnect app. I would also love to see more inter-operability with Strava and/or Training Peaks. It would be great to upload Strava challenges or TrainingPeak workouts to the watch via GarminConnect. I’ve tried using the Workout Builder in Garmin Connect to manually add a TrainingPeak workout into the watch. It worked once – after spending 10 minutes programming a swim workout into GarminConnect’s workout builder and uploading it to my watch, the next day which I started that workout, my watch magically told me which swim set to do next, counting my laps and warning me with a buzz on my last lap of a particular set. Since then I’ve really struggled to get the workout widget to work though.-charging cable: why are there still so many competing standards for charging/sync cables for wearables? I understand why microUSB is a bad idea for watches, and metal contacts are the way to go. But Garmin’s ‘clothespin’ type connector seems flakey and possibly breakable. It’s actually not flakey – the contacts on the watch seat right every time. And it hasn’t broken yet but if feels like it could. Here’s where Apple has ‘won’ this battle by having a magnetic induction charger. I would prefer that over something that is proprietary.-heart-rate reliability: i have read a lot of things about all heart-rate monitors (of all kinds) giving inaccurate readings for people with hairy wrists. I have a hairy wrist and my heart rate readings do seem a little high but I have not compared this (yet) with a chest-strap to compare accuracy.

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