HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer Review

HP Sprocket photo printer is a sleek design that takes out instant prints from social media. The device is also well synchronized with social media. It connects to smartphone and tablets via Bluetooth.

7.8 Total Score

  • It is portable and fast photo printer.
  • It has USB port for charging and comes up with Micro USB cable.
  • It can hold 30 print papers at one time
  • It offers a limited wallet size.
  • It can print by use of Bluetooth only.
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Key Features

  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer is a portable device.
  • t has USB port for charging and comes up with Micro USB cable.
  • It can hold 30 print papers at one time.

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What is HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer?

HP Socket Photo Printer is a wallet size photo printer, which is much convenient to use. It prints photo from tablets and smartphones. It is a pocket size device which is quite easy to use.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer connects with Android or iOS device through Bluetooth. It promises to be perfect for tablets, but it seems to be designed for smartphones only. Wallet sized printer may prove inappropriate or costly for relatively bigger devices.

Except this, the printer efficiently gets the print outs from smartphone and social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

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HP Sprocket Printer is a metal clad device that features a sleek design. The device looks more like a thick phone. There is metal band present around the edges of printer. The band has an opening through which finally printed photograph gets ejected. Other structures in design include a USB charging port and a strap to carry the device; this is all from the design part.

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Working mechanism of Printer

Tthe printer doesn’t need any sort of virtual configuration or set up. Only prerequisite is to download Sprocket app from the app store and device is ready for use with your smartphone.

The second step is opening up of Bluetooth and pairing of your smartphone device with the printer. Once the printer is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can easily share photographs from your library to this printer. Pairing of device is also not much difficult. At times Sprocket app is enough and it does the task automatically, once you need to share.

The device also needs HP’s special Zink sticky backed papers. Re-filling papers is also very much easy. One only has to lift the lid and place papers in it.

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Quality of Photo

The most important feature that any one should be concerned about is the photo quality. Usually, such printers are not efficient in offering high definition results.

Getting a fine quality photo or at least one that doesn’t leave any smudges is going to be a tricky process. After taking or sharing one photograph user has to wait for at least five minutes to take the next print. Reason is that consecutives prints can give the results with smudges.

Working mechanism of Zink papers is a bit different. Apparently, papers may seem white but they have colors that are invisible to users. Prints are created by sensing the temperature difference. Further, Zink printer is likely to heat up different coloured parts more accurately.

Apart from less HD quality, photograph size is only 2×3. Such photographs are indeed a great option for taking instant photos when required. One can’t rely on this device for getting photo prints from a wedding function or other such party due to size and quality limitations.

Further, device is great for doing fun in a friends gathering and immediately getting results.

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Agood photo printer also needs to be portable. HP Sprocket is the best device in this regard. The design is light in weight and device weighs overall 6.1 Ounces only.

At once, it can hold 30 prints. One battery life accounts for almost 50 prints. Being in far off area or on outing carries the chances of running out of the charge. A micro USB cable for charging the device is available. The cable comes with the package.

As per as design and weight is concerned HP Sprocket is the optimum choice.

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News about HP Sprocket


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HP Sprocket overview: a compact, portable photo printer for freezing special memories

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Instant cameras also present a quick way out for those who desire hard prints, but unfortunately, one cannot control the quality of the picture clicked through a point-and-shoot Polaroid since there aren't any options to tweak the ISO or exposure. But...

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HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer offers the features that it promises. Portability makes it perfect for use. Further, the device can give more print out relative to its competitors. There can be an issue with quality. If you are looking to get a printer for important functions then it is better to consider alternate. For outings or adding to fun at small get to gathers, HP Sprocket Photo Printer is a perfect device.

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  1. Was really looking forward to this item arriving, heard lots of good reviews. We managed to print only two pictures and then the printer decided to stop working? The white LED light which signifies the power stopped working ? Am returning it and hoping the new one will arrive any day now and be perfect for use as I’d hoped … I shall re-review once it has arrived ? Jury is out at the moment whether I rate this product well, I have been unlucky however this is not a cheap little printer so would expect more ?

  2. Photo quality is great! Sometimes after connecting the printer, the printed photo is warped. I’m not sure why that happens but it doesn’t happen every time. Also brightening the image helps improve quality sometimes.Aside from that, I’m happy with the photos and I love that they’re stickers so my planner/scrapbook isn’t covered in clear tape anymore!

  3. Cant wait for xmas day when this will be used. A great item.

  4. Love, love, love my SprocketRecently had a family holiday and we thought it would be great to do a scrap book of the holiday. But knowing that we are the sort of family who love these sort of ideas and then once the holiday is over then forget all about it, we thought we do the scrap book whilst actually still on holiday. The Sprocket was fantastic. We were able to sit by the pool and print out photos and then stick them in the scrap book.The app is great for those fun pics where you want to add borders or little extras (such as a crown on someone, or a beach ball or a snazzy pair of glasses).Takes a couple of hours to fully charge, and one charge does only print about 20/25 photos before the battery is completely dead. However, most people won’t be printing that number of photos in one go.We had a bit of trouble getting a second phone to connect to the Sprocket once the first was connected, and whilst it could be found on the bluetooth devices it wasn’t able to connect. We didn’t spend too much time worrying about this and just sent the photos from one phone to the one which was connected. I suspect there was a simple answer to this, but I’ve no looked to see why it happened.The quality of the photos is pretty good – obviously not professional quality but you wouldn’t expect that (at least I didn’t expect it).Comes with two packs of paper, so 20 sheets in all.Additional packs of paper can work out expensive, but again, how many photos do you want to print? I would think that usually you would only be printing a few at a time per occasion? The paper is also often on offer at Amazon so I stock up when it is, it lasts a good couple of years so I don’t think any will go to waste.Overall a great little printer.

  5. worked great so far! I opted for this instead of paying more for a photobooth for my son’s graduation party. we took pics pf guests as they arrived and had them sign a note to my son in a scrapbook and stuck the pic next to their notes. i highly recommend having goodlighting for your pics so they do not print out dark. Use flash and/or brighten the pics in the app before printing.Left pic is a picture of the print out. Right pic is the original pic from my phone.

  6. 10 Words or Less:
    • Faster than ZIP, higher quality, compatible with Zink papers*IMPORTANT:• If you read just ONE thing, read this. DO NOT THROW OUT THE BLUE CARD in the starter paper pack! I repeat DO NOT THROW OUT THE BLUE CARD!
    • Take a look at my photo and you’ll see there are different kinds of blue cards that are included with paper. The blue card is read each time you insert a new pack and it tells the printer what paper is there. It is VERY IMPORTANT to know that the hp sprocket will only accept HP branded paper! This means you cannot use regular (cheaper) Zink Pogo paper or Zink Premium. How does the printer know what paper you have? The blue card.
    • Whatever 2×3” Zink paper you buy, simply feed the ORIGINAL HP blue card instead of the one that came in the package. The printer will read it as hp sprocket paper and accept it. This is nothing more than manufacturers trying to limit the use to their own “licensed” paper. Now there IS a difference between the regular “Pogo” paper and “Premium” but there is no difference between brands like “LG” or “HP” or “Polaroid”… they are the same.The Good:
    • It’s FAST! By fast I mean the spool up time to print is a full 20 seconds LESS than the Polaroid Zip.• Quality is better… I’m not sure if it’s the printer or the app, but the output is far better on the HP (in general). Polaroid Zip prints are generally much too dark, even after editing.
    • The HP app is much more user friendly than the Polaroid “SnapTouch” app.The Bad:
    • It’s slightly bigger than the Polaroid Zip.
    • HP app does NOT have multi photo printing on one page. You have to use a third party app like PhotoGrid and then send the output to HP sprocket app. This is can be a hinderance from someone that likes to print 2-in-1 pics.
    • Casing is very glossy so I suggest getting it in white if you don’t like to see fingerprint smudges.Comments and Last Thoughts:
    • There are two kinds of paper: Regular (Zink Pogo), and Premium (Zink Premium, HP sprocket…etc). The latter is a little bit higher quality and more glossy. For me, the cost isn’t worth it for a print this size and how it’s going to be used anyway. I suggest going for the regular kind and buying in bulk if you want to save some money.
    • If you’re looking for a decent price on Premium paper, look to the Apple Store or deals that happen on Best Buy and Amazon. YOU MUST KEEP THE ORIGINAL HP BLUE PAPER TO USE IT.
    • For bulk papers, I’ve purchased from Amazon regular Pogo (not Premium) papers like this: Polaroid Zink media 80 Pack Photo Paper for Polaroid Pogo Cameras and Printers
    • Note there are “best before” dates on the papers, but I haven’t seen any adverse effects from using close or “expired” papers. Again, given the size of the photos and what they are used for, a small change in quality is worth the price savings for me.

  7. Look, I never write reviews. However, I was pleasantly SHOCKED by how clear my photos came out. This is my third try at portable printers, and it’s BY FAR the best. My family travels a lot, my kids like to do Smash book style scrap booking on the go, but now we don’t have to rely on crappy Instax instant pictures! Plus, the sticky back makes them easier to get in your smash book!I love that you don’t have to take the backing off if you don’t want them to be sticky.This thing is perfect for quick journaling or scrap booking. It couldn’t complement the smash books more. ❤❤ I also included a picture so you could see the quality of the one I just printed. Trust me, that picture was taken in a dark restaurant.

  8.  Although I didn’t receive the color I ordered, this is a 5 Star Review!Have you heard of the HP Sprocket….well for those of you who have not, the HP Sprocket is Bluetooth portable printing at it’s best. This device will allow you to print 2X3” color photos in seconds from your IOS or Android Device. The Sprocket comes in 2 different colors…Black & White. Today we will be taking a look at the white Sprocket so let’s go ahead and check out my video Review!

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