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MYNT Smart Tracker & Remote is powered by an app. It comes up as combination of four trackers allowing keeping check on possessions prone to theft or likely to go missing.




Last updated on June 16, 2018 2:07 am
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Key Features

  • MYNT tracker is designed to blow whistle when anything attached to it gets lost.
  • It has ability to attach to anything like wallet, keys, smartphone, pets and any other valuable item.
  • It is enclosed in stainless steel shell; a feature that makes it durable and water resistant.
  • It also acts as a smart remote while turning into PPT controller on a PC, remote control or an ultimate selfie button.
  • One- package usually consists of four trackers that can be used with various gadgets for their security and safety.

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What is MYNT Smart Tracker & Remote?

TThe smart tracker and Remote is something which is an ultimate need of modern times. Many people complaint that major portion of their life goes waste in looking up for lost wallet, keys, phones or even chasing a pet.

MYNT smart Tracker & Remote is just like a GPS tracker but its remote control features allows doing more tasks; like, taking selfies or controlling power point slides in a presentation.

Tracker is basically powered by iOS and android run app, which tracks down a lost device after its missing is reported.

The device is usually two-coins thick and costs around $20 at the time of review.

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How MYNT Smart Tracker & Remote Works?

The working mechanism of MYNT smart tracker & remote is equally easy as well as handy.

First, let’s talk about the structure which is quite beneficial and also aesthetically appealing its stainless steel shell gives it durability and makes it water resistant; so if your pet has gone missing in rain, then it wouldn’t stop functioning. There are special trackers, like those for keys often come up with a hole; such design makes these trackers simply look like a key ring.

If someone intends to take them out for the purpose of using as selfies button or remote control then it works quite well. Only, two-coin thickness readily fits trackers into wallet.

Coming to the major tracking function, we discover that device has few pitfalls. As it runs on apps and needs Bluetooth for proper mechanism, so it is obvious, that in absence of both these things, it wouldn’t work properly.

Further, navigation is quite easy, anything that goes missing while being attached to it is easy to track; One needs to programme instructions in the relevant app. Mainly vehicles, like cars when go missing, or become more distant, become difficult to track because of many hurdles and obstacles on the way. In case, user comes to know that his belonging has gone missing and he moves ahead to locate it using maps in the apps, he must make sure that he gave the right in-put.

For large objects like cars, and even human beings (as the case may be) trackers can act in anomalous way, but they are always useful for keeping the wallets and keys in range.

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Devices, like GPS trackers are a necessary of the modern time, MYNT Smart Tracker & Remote is a time saver. It is prudent to use it for securing vehicles in the places, where chances of theft are much more.

Apart from this, attaching them to wallets, keys, pets and even kids in busy markets is also prudence; it just saves time that can go waste if spent on locating someone with no track record. Yes, hassle is unavoidable but one can use this tracker after properly filling out instructions on the app. Users may encounter signal issues, but this is the case with any such device; while MYNT Smart Tracker & Remote offers all those features in return of price users pay for.

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MYNT Tracker - Key Locator, Wallet Tracker, Phone Finder, Remote Control. Find Your Valuable Item Near and Far (MULTICOLOR(BLACK/SILVER), 4-PACK), MYNT

Price: $69.99 as of June 16, 2018 2:07 am  



Current Price $69.99 June 16, 2018
Highest Price $69.99 December 23, 2017
Lowest Price $69.99 December 23, 2017
Since December 23, 2017

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$69.99 December 23, 2017

  1. This product is an innovative basic necessities of Today’s world problems. During a day, we try to locate our phone/keys several times. If you frequently forget your phone in pockets or in kitchen, this product will work best for you !So basically this MYNT can be used for- Ringing your phone by holding click button on mint for a while (It works best without lagging. Once you leave the button the ring goes off. Good for finding your phone if it fell under couch or bed.- I attached it with my office keys (bunch of keys). I can use app MYNT to beep this device in my keys.- Also the best feature, I can track it with the app witch an actual location on the map. Great ! Now I will never worry about losing my keys again.PS: I attached it to my office keys because if I lose them I will have to go to police for FIR reporting and blah blah blah troubles.Other feature:I can use it as a remote control, I have to switch on the remote control feature from the app. When I toggle it on, it warns me about some loss of prevention not stable. As a remote control, I can use it to change powerpoint slide (just to next), camera shutter button and play/pause music.Its really great ! I love it.

  2. So far works great! I have a tendency to lose my keys and my license card. It was really easy to attach the little gadget to a card attached to my keys. It’s not very loud but if you’re in the same room, it can be heard. It took me a bit to connect it but once done, it was amazing! I will be repurchasing for my credit card and my other car keys 🙂

  3. Received it properly packed as shown on photo’s attached.First when I saw description I emediately understood what I need it for.The reason I bought this device is to look after my 6 years old doughter. Every day she is playing in the yard with her little friends and I time to times go to window an call her to show herself. Sometimes she cannot hear me and I worry a lot about it. Sometimes I even go out and look.With this wonderful device I am able to locate her through the application on my smartphone every time.I want to thank whoever created this amazing device! You are the best. Thank you!

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