Samsung Fast Charge (Wireless Charging) Stand: Review

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Distance is no longer a problem and neither is time, and because of these improvements, better output and productivity rates raise the bar high for our successes.

These allow us to explore the world more thoroughly through various platforms without limitations, and somehow, everything can be reached without excessive efforts being produced.

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  • Fast charge feature
  • No cables needed
  • Cool design
  • Can't use phone during charging
  • Fast charge only for Samsung
  • A little expensive
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Samsung Fast Charge Stand

Even so, we need the proper support for the methods we use, electricity and charging being the main components of how the devices are powered, and we need to ensure that what we use on the gears are just as reliable as the ones which they power. One such charging tool is the Samsung Wireless Charging Stand with Fast Charge capabilities.

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Primary Features and Design Compatible with the more recent models of the Android device, this charging pad has paved the way for a breakthrough in quicker methods of putting juice back into our much-beloved innovations. While an assured faster charging rate of up to 1.4 times is provided for Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge and later similar models, any other unit that has a QI-enabled technology can still make use of this nifty instrument, although only at standard charging times.

No more hassles of tangled wires and dangling cables will face the user, and this wireless charger would decrease the possibility of having plugs be misplaced along the way. The efficiency of any user will also increase as the device will no longer be restricted by the length of the wire—just pop the mobile device onto the Samsung pod and the charging will go on automatically. Users will now be able to read their messages or even take calls on speaker mode while continuing to browse another window. Those who need to constantly check on their phones even while charging at home or at the office makes this charging pad a very essential addition to anyone’s highly required supplies.

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Extremely sturdy with a circular shape that allows for the continual usage of the mobile device, this wireless charger is tilted at 65 degrees essential for maximum viewing rate. There is no need to worry for damages or accidental slips; the tool is protected by a small shelf layered with a rubber cover that even adds to the magnificence of the Samsung accessory.

Overheating is not a problem as small holes can be seen as an escape for unnecessary warmth, and a small fan has been installed to aid in this issue as well. There is also an LED light status indicator at the base of the charger, with blue signifying as “still charging” and green as “fully charged”. This allows for convenient overnight charging, and individuals would not be bothered by the mellow light just in case they would need to get up from bed at the wee hours of the morning.

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Efficient charging

Efficient Charging Operating the Samsung Wireless Charger is quite easy and simple too. Through an electromagnetic field that allows the rapid transfer of energy from the charger to the device, the user no longer needs to fumble through complicated steps to proceed. Simply connect the charging pad to the plugged charging cable, hoist the mobile device either at a portrait or landscape setting onto the wireless pad, and everything is set.

Just a word of caution, however—some phones might be needing a charging cover for this method to push through, so one might need to do some further research on their own phones before purchasing fast charge pad. The user must also make sure to use only the charging plugs included with the phone or in the package of the Samsung Wireless Charger to ensure proper flow of power.

Anything that goes beyond or beneath the power requirements would damage both the phone and the charging pad.

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Smartphone positioning

Unlike the first version of the flatter, more laying Samsung Wireless Charger out in the market, there are no longer reports made about a strict, proper positioning. Angles need not to be sought for anymore. As long as the mobile phone is placed mostly somewhere in the middle of the charging pad, then it will work. Otherwise, one has to be careful, because improper positioning might lead to a cycle of the phone charging and not charging, and it might even ultimately lead to a dead battery in the end. The only solution to this is to double-check first if your device is indeed charging before leaving the room. This avoids frustration and waste of time.

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Highlights and product care

Also, the greatest advantage as of yet may be of the reduced destruction of charging ports. These will no longer be bent at awkward angles due to positioning issues, and the individual would no longer tend to replace the cables constantly just because of wires splitting up.

And contrary to what most of us might seem to think about these Samsung Wireless Chargers, the pads are not really considered as power banks. They still have to be constantly plugged to deliver power back to our phones, and energy cannot be stored for later, emergency usage.

To ensure optimal use, the user must take note to clean the device and constantly rid it of any dust particles. A soft cloth to wipe any dirt should be enough before charging would take place.

As with all things, one must use the charger in moderation. Just because a phone has decreased about 10% in its battery usage does not mean that one already has to plug it back into the wireless plug. That practically defeats the purpose of energy-saving batteries.

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Overall, the Samsung Wireless Charger is a great alternative to power plugs that limit usage and connection. Although the price might be considered as a bit steep for some for $31.00 (in Amazon), it is guaranteed that the quality is well worth the value.

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  1. After doing a lot of research and reading about the amount of faked Samsung chargers, I specifically ordered one directly from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller. Not that Amazon itself wouldn’t have already sold products by mistake as well (such as phone batteries according to the German magazine c’t) but I guess the chances in getting a genuine product are way higher with Amazon in this case. This degress is necessary as I think most people who rate the Samsung charger not that great, most probably got nailed and received a fake.The original, at least the one for the US market, comes with a fast charger (typ A socket, but accepting voltages from 100 to 240) and a micro USB USB type A cable and weighs 167g according to Samsung’s description on their website. Most fakes I’ve read about are told to be more lightweight and also lack the built-in fan.When it comes to functionality, the charger works for me just as I expected: depending on the phone’s setting (using it with a Samsung Galaxy S7 G930FD), while fast charging, the integrated fan of the charger be barely hearable whereas in the slower charging mode, one can only hear a slight ticking sound, but both only when really getting close. Furthermore, when having reached 100% charge level, the charger’s normally blue LED becomes green, signalling the “charge hold” status. Opposed to cheaper and fake chargers, the phone thus isn’t recharged again and again but simply stays at 100% then, even when used simultanously, so effectively it’s just as if hooked up to the cable directly minus the wear of USB port by plugging it every day.The price Samsung calls for, isn’t exactly cheap and if you can relinquish the fast charge functionality, I’m pretty sure that other cheaper options will get the job done equally good at least over night, but if you want to make use of the fully phone’s charging capabilities, this one directly from Amazon saves a lot of hassle and is my recommended way to go.

  2. Bought two of these to go on my wife and mine night stands. Now our room is like a runway with LED lights bright enough to land a small plane. Not all that bad though, because they do charge our S7 Edge phones pretty fast and when we get bored we can do shadow puppets on our walls.

  3. First I want to let you know I have both the regular charging pad and this Fast charging pad. They both work fine, but this one really charges up your phone fast. It lights up different colors to mean different things. Easy to use charging pad. I purchased the normal charging pad first before knowing there was a fast charger model. So I use the normal charging pad in on the night stand for night charging. If I need my phone charged up Fast I use this Fast charging pad in the kitchen. I get home from work and drop it on the fast charger. Later use the phone around the house, then when I go to get I place it on the normal charging pad. If I only had money for one, get this Fast charging pad. Hope this helps you decide.

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