Conair 1875 Watts Black Hair Dryer Review

Conair’s black 1875 watts, hair dryer has tourmaline ceramic and ionic technology; The equipment offers less frizzy and stylish look followed by smooth hair drying experience.

8.5 Total Score

  • It is customizable according to hair requirements
  • It comes up with diffuser and concentrator for more stylish finish
  • It has ionic technology
  • It is light in weight
  • It is more appropriate for personal use
  • Extra smooth grip can make it a bit tricky to hold
  • Hair may not look as healthy as the features promise
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Last updated on June 15, 2018 12:08 am

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Key Features

  • Conair 1875 boosts tourmaline ceramic and ionic technology
  • It comes up with 3 heat and 2 speed buttons
  • It has a hinged filter
  • Unlike other designs, it offers diffusor and concentrator

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What is Conair Black Hair Dryer?

Conair’s black hair dryer is specially designed equipment that promises to give a smooth hair drying experience. It boosts tourmaline ceramic technology, combined with ionic technology. Tourmaline technology basically emits infrared heat and negative ions, which is said to make heat gentler for hairs; in this way they remain shinier and become less fizzy.

The design has two main features that need to be talked about. First is the high torque DC motor and second is the ionic technology; first is made to give stylish end results for hairs after blow dry while later focuses on reducing frizz.

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Features of Conair 1875 Watts Black Hair Dryer?

The device’s tourmaline hair dryer falls in category of ionic hair dryers. It consumes 1875 watts of power.

It features tourmaline ceramic ionic technology which produces intense heat to make sure that hairs are less exposed to heat and end up drying in lesser time, with more smooth and shinier touch. Hair that are in small length and relatively, thinner may not need an intense heat, hence they are likely to damage. The design has 3 heat settings that allow users to change intensity according to requirements of varying thickness.

Hair dryer consumes 1875 watts of power, so it boosts a dc motor that produces more torque and has higher speed. It is ideal for those who need to blow dry their hair on daily basis that too in quick succession of time. Its shiny black and smooth surface allows an easy and smooth grip. Well, holding an extra smooth blow dryer can be a bit difficult, especially when hands are wet and just moisturized after taking bath.

Cool shot button allows a blow of cold air to set the hair, once the desired style has been achieved. User needs to be a pro to carefully utilize this feature, otherwise hair are likely to back to the frizz.

Black Hair dryer’s design also features a filter that extends motor life.

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Diffuser, Concentrator and Hinged Filter

Unlike, other designs, this blow dryer have a diffuser and concentrator; items that make the equipment a bit costlier. Concentrator helps to promote the shine and assists the straightening section. Diffuser promotes a natural look, helping to spread the end result smoothly on all the hairs. Delicate and small length hair may not require any diffuser.

Hinged filter may promise easy clean up, but in certain situations it can become messy and difficult to clean. It is better to keep the dryer ready for use, when someone is in hurry and needs to blow dry hair instantly without any hassle.

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How Heat Setting and Speed Button Works?

The hair-dryer has three heat and two speed buttons. Although, it promises to instantly dry hairs while making hair healthy, smooth and shinier, but still temperature control is required according to hair thickness.

Speed and temperature combinations are quite customizable according to style requirements and type of hair. High heat and high temperature buttons remain quite useful for dealing with thick hairs, long and curly hair. In the same way low heat and low speed combination is beneficial for delicate and small length hairs.

In order to customize dryer for achieving customized style, a switch is present; but users may find it difficult to be acquainted with use of button for making required settings.

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Price of Conair Hair Dryer

Conair’s tourmaline, ceramic hair dryer is light weight and hence portable. It is cheap and comes in $57.77 at the time of review. It is accompanied by diffuser and concentrator that’s why it may sound a costlier than traditional hair dryer that costs up to $30 usually. It offers all the features that it promises in this price. Still, one may not use it at professional level. Ladies can have it for personal use, and blow drying hairs at daily basis.

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Conair black hair dryer is customizable and meets the requirement of every kind of hair. Its tourmaline ceramic ionic technology promises instant heat and healthier end results. Although, instant heat quickly dries up wet hair but achieving healthy look of hair may not be possible all the times. Customization of heat speed combination is easy, but user may need to pay focus for making any setting in a right way.

For personal use, it is the right product and user can take it anywhere as it is light in weight.

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Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning; Black/Chrome (packaging may vary), Conair

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  1. Reply
    Nicole M. Tankovich March 6, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Curly heads rejoice! This dryer can operate SOLELY on cool, which I did not realize when I purchased it. What a nice surprise when I used it the first time. The sliders are going to take a bit of getting used to but are infinitely easier than buttons. The diffuser attachment is awesome. The “fingers” have holes at the ends, so you can really get the air down at the roots of your hair. The dryer is light, which is a plus if you have thick or long hair that takes some time to dry.I have thick 3/4 hair that usually takes a long time to dry. I’ve gotten great curls with this dryer. Results so far: quick drying times (using a combo of different temperatures and speeds as my hair gets drier), less frizz, and no sore arms! I would highly recommend this dryer based on the results alone. Bonus: the price is FANTASTIC for the results you get.

  2. It’s lightweight but it has a funny smell. Hopefully it goes away with time.I provided some pictures to show the 3 different speeds and 3 settings. I’m shocked no one has posted it yet. Hope it helps!

  3. After five years of use, this hair dryer is still going strong. I won’t go into details about its features; I think there are plenty of reviews that cover that. Instead, I’ll offer some brief insights into how it has held up after more than 1,825 days of near-daily use.The only signs of wear are on the surface off the handle, where the plastic rubs against the palm of your hand (See pic). The heater elements still create air that’s nice and hot and the diffuser attachments still fit snugly. The only required “maintenance” has been to use an old toothbrush every few months and clean debris from the mesh over the air intake on the back (Again, see pic). The slider buttons that control levels of heat and strength of the air continue to function as they should, as does the “cool shot” feature that allows you to momentarily switch off the heat without fiddling with the slider.5-stars for the Conair… and it remains something I’d buy again.

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