Furbo Dog Camera – Interact Remotely With Your Pet

The Furbo Dog camera allows pets and owners to interact remotely. It solves the worries of the owners when they have to be away and can’t be with their beloved pets.

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  • Good video quality
  • Solid construction
  • Attractive design
  • Reliable treat dispensing
  • Low-quality speaker
  • Barking alerts too sensitive
  • Non-adjustable camera
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Key Features

  • 720p camera with night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Treat dispenser

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What is the Furbo Dog Camera?

It boasts its treat-tossing capability that lets pet owners play with their pets even from a distance and just through their smartphones.

The camera has 720p resolution with night vision mode, two-way audio to allow communication with pet remotely, WiFi connectivity, and the above-mentioned treat-tossing capability. This is a complete package ultimate pet gadget.

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Design and Setup

There are many home security cameras manufactured over the years and Furbo Dog Camera stands out with its nice-looking design. It is tall and angular and painted with a glossy white finish. It also has a cute removable wooden lid to cover the top and protect the treats inside.

The treats are tossed at the front part of the camera and the 720 camera lens is positioned above it. There is a LED indicator at the back part of the Furbo that lets you know if the Furbo is accessed remotely or when it is online.

The recommended positioning of the camera is at the high part of a shelf. Its design blends well with the surroundings. Also, to prevent your dogs from smooching the hidden treats inside, it should be out of their reach. Lastly, the camera lenses are aimed downwards. So, for a better wide angle, it is best to be placed on a high shelf.

The Furbo only needs to be plugged with its AC adapter. Install the Furbo app on your phone and you’ll be taken to the whole pairing setup. Remember that Furbo works on the 2.4GHz WiFi band so it should be closer to your router for a better function.

The smartphone app is complete with tutorials to guide you with its functionalities. The good thing about the treat-dispensing is that it is designed to toss the treats in just the right velocity that doesn’t annoy or scare your dog.

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Performance and App

The 720p camera is a surprising pleasantry. The video quality is crisp and the colors displayed are more vibrant compared to other security cameras. If you have more than one dog, you can easily identify which is which just by looking at the camera. Also, you can zoom in up to 4x. But, just like any digital zoom, the closer you zoom, the worse the quality is.

The wide angle lets you view almost the entire room and it makes it easy to spot your pets. The Furbo Dog Camera would have been perfect if it has the ability to pan and tilt the camera.

The night vision mode is as clear as its normal mode. It’s convenient and doesn’t give you a hard time at looking for your pets.

One thing that is quite disadvantageous with the Furbo Dog Camera is its fairly low quality audio. But, dogs are sound-sensitive so a simple calling will already have them turning to the camera.

The automatic bark detection is good since it lets you know when your dog barks and it sends a notification on your phone. You can then turn on the camera and calm your dog. The downside is that the camera’s bark detection seems to be a little too sensitive. The littlest sound will notify you and it can be very annoying. You can turn off the automatic bark detection in the settings, though.

Tossing a treat to your pet is just like playing on your phone. You only need to swipe the treat icon up the video feed. Be careful with the distance as it might end up in hard to reach places. Depending on how big your treats are, the Furbo might dispense more than one treat at a time. This will have your pet occupied for a reasonable time.

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The Furbo Dog Camera isn’t a necessary pet gadget as not all pet owners really need it. But it can come handy to those who are often away from their pets. It might be a little expensive but the price is almost reasonable for the features that it has to offer.

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  1. I was looking forward to using this as my dog suffers separation anxiety. It looked beautiful and well made and i managed to set it up very easily and connect to wi-fi. I am afraid that the positives end there. First of all the treat dispenser works but what a noise it makes quite scary for my dog adding to his anxiety – ok so he will get used to it and hopefully associate it with good things and with my voice recorded for extra comfort i thought that would help except the audio quality is TERRIBLE and just a muffled mess. The next thing is the video quality – it looks great if nothing moves so a perfect view of my lounge but my dogs are just a blur and there is a long delay so i can’t speak to them in real time – this is not down to my internet connection which works perfectly well enough to stream films. Then i saw reviews that the Furbo wouldn’t connect via mobile internet so i tried and yes they are right – the app just froze on the progress bar so i can’t see my dog when im away from home – kind of the main reason i wanted this. Finally the price – very very expensive for something that has not been thoroughly tested. Its so disappointing as the marketing, design and packaging is spot on but unfortunately its not fit for purpose so i will be returning it.

  2. We love our Furbo, clear picture, so cool to be able to toss a treat to your dog! Brilliant for home security and we got a brilliant deal in the Amazon flash sale!

  3. Positive points:I bought this to give myself some peace of mind while I am away from home. It definitely does that. My dogs recognise when it is in use as the light changes from yellow to blue (colours dogs can see). They usually look up immediately when I turn it on to watch them, even if I don’t activate the microphone or dispense any treats. They quickly learned to recognise the noise it makes to signal that treats are coming and come to get them very eagerly. They also seem to recognise my voice when I speak to them through the microphone and will obey commands I give them.The night vision camera is great for low light conditions and often gives a clearer view than the normal camera, even during the day.The Furbo takes their regular kibble as well as various different brands of treats, so long as they are in small pieces. The unit looks easy to clean and the mechanism hasn’t jammed once after dispensing treats hundreds of times now.I love that I can take photos and videos of my dogs and some of the things they get up to when they think I can’t see them. I just wish I could show them the photo evidence of them caught sitting on the sofa!The barking alerts work well. They are sent promptly and let me check in and decide if I want to speak to the dogs or dispense treats to distract them. It ignores the gruff and growly noises my dogs make when they are just playing nicely together and only picks up and alerts me to a “genuine” bark.Negative points:It took a while to get this set up properly as the Furbo unit wouldn’t maintain a good connection with my router despite it being in direct line of sight and only about three metres away. My phone showed a full wifi signal where I had located the Furbo. The customer services team were excellent. Very helpful and prompt with their replies. After a firmware update and then resetting the Furbo and connecting again it has been much better. I bought a wifi signal booster hoping that would give me 100% reliability for the connection. It is still a bit unstable, but is now good about 95% of the time.At first I could only use the app while I was also at home and using wifi (it wouldn’t connect using mobile data at all – I am on EE). This was a bit pointless. However, after the firmware update and resetting the unit, it now connects perfectly over mobile data so I can keep an eye on my dogs while I am away from home.My dogs would destroy the Furbo unit if they could reach it to get to the treats inside, so I have placed it on a high bookcase. This works well but would be vastly improved if it were possible to tilt the camera downwards. As it is, I have had to tip the whole unit forwards and wedge a block under the base so that it gives a good view of the room. The wide angle is great, but when it is located up as high as I need to have it, I can’t see the floor (which is where my dogs are most of the time – or at least, where they are supposed to be but the sofa is obviously so much more comfortable!) without tipping it forwards. With the Furbo unit in this tilted position it is a little bit unstable and doesn’t fire the treats out so well. It still does, but they tend to just spill or dribble out rather than shoot forwards as they do when it is sitting level. It also gives out far more treats in this tilted position so I am going through them too quickly. As it is not possible to fill the unit with many treats to begin with, this is a problem.There is a slight delay on the camera so it is not ideal for talking to the dogs and timing my words to their behaviour and reactions, but the delay is only about a second so it is not a major issue.Overall, I absolutely love my Furbo. It was expensive but the peace of mind is has given me on the occasions I have needed to leave my dogs at home has been worth it. One dog in particular suffers from separation anxiety and she seems to take comfort from hearing my voice occasionally. Of course, I can’t be sure she recognises it is me speaking, but she recognises her name and some basic commands so it distracts her from whatever she is doing or feeling for a few moments at least.Even with my few criticisms, I would still give this 5 stars.

  4. Excellent product!

  5. I love it so far!

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