Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Electric Shaver for Men – Review

Braun series 3-3040 is men’s electric shaver that comes up with micro-comb technology and patented three-layered SensoFoil technology; it is designed to provide quick and irritation free shaving experience.


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Last updated on June 16, 2018 2:03 am

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Key Features

  • Braun series-3-3040 is updated version of Braun Series 3 razor.
  • It is equipped with micro-comb technology that catches the hair.
  • It has up to date – patented three layered SensoFoil technology.
  • It comes up with precision trimmer.
  • It boosts an NI-MH battery, which has a life of 45 minute.
  • Electric shaver is made in Germany.
  • Gadget can be exposed to water for washing.

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What is Braun Series 3-3040 electric shaver?

[Braun series 3-3040 electric shaver for men, is a product that lies somewhere between Braun series 3 and Braun series 5 models. The shaver is a technologically equipped model that offers a shaving solution to sensitive skin through its ProSkin action. It has got a triple action cutting system which is effective for both long as well short hairs; something that makes its use ambiguous for a facial skin with sporadic hair.

New design boosts the three pressure layers so that every sort of skin (even sensitive one) can easily become acquainted to the electric shaver. It has also a thin trimmer, which is designed keeping in need of precision. Trimmer can cut the hair from sensitive parts like under the nose, too. Although, the three layer system which is patented, protects the skin, but thin precision trimmer can cause harm if used in haste.

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How Braun Series 3-3040 works?

The design basically boosts two main technologies; let’s have a look at them one by one.

MicroComb Technology: MicroComb technology is the latest feature for series-3. Its basic purpose is to provide quick shave by catching more hair into the cutting system. For a three days beard, it is definitely useful, but for relatively outgrown beard, user may require care, by simply relying on this. MicroComb also promises to reduce the skin irritation. In case of wet shave where user utilises some gel or other conditioner, the technology works quite well.

SensoFoil Technology: This technology is designed to make a three layered cutting system that allows a smooth hair cutting experience. It is easy to use and surely makes it possible to catch more hairs with razor in no times, but its use is a bit handy, and user may need care avoid over-use while preventing the naked or shaved skin.

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Using of Braun Electric Shaver

Electric shaver can be used in wet as well as dry conditions. It offers a smooth experience when used on wet skin, moisturized by gel or any foam. Usually, it doesn’t leave any irritation on dry skin, but users who are often in hurry and need to leave earlier, may find dry shaving a bit uncomfortable.

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Battery timing of Braun Series 3-3040

Electric shaver needs one-hour to fully charge and can run smoothly for 45 minutes. An average user can be done with his shave within five minutes. Gadget comes up with LED light to indicate when it needs to be charged. Usually, the battery timings of all the Braun electric shavers, is 45 minutes.

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Washing of Gadget

It may seem that taking all the hair out from a three layered system device can be tricky. Further, exposing a gadget to water also requires precautionary measure. Braun’s shaver is useful in this regard that it can be soaked in 5 meter water to get rid of all the hairs. Still, complete cleansing requires use of brush; it is not simply a function of water that wipes all the mess instantly.

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Braun series 3 -3040 ProSkin electric shaver provides a smooth, instant and irritation free experience. It is updated with latest technology that often becomes difficult to handle by a person who is not pro and specially doesn’t use it on daily basis. Those, who often need to shave-off facial hair, can adopt this gadget, but they would need to recharge it after every nine days. Further, cleaning also may require time.

Braun series 3-3040 ProSkin is a good option for frequent users, but it needs care, especially in the time of haste.

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Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men's Electric Razor / Electric Shaver, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry, Blue, Braun

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  1. Bought this because I thought it was time to update my electric razor and amazon discounted the price by like 50%. Hardly ever leave reviews but honestly worst razor I have ever used in my life. It made my face sting for ages afterwards even with moisturiser on and one time cut my face up and made it bleed. Used it in the shower with shaving foam and absolutely awful. Never using it again

  2. Not great for ‘mature’ stubble growers. Doesn’t cut too great prob best for those with very soft stubble…

  3. Received my razor today but felt a bit miffed that it doesn’t have the “get to difficult areas” feature that the accompany video shows it to have and is also demonstrated in the special features column. Very good price but doesn’t cut as well as my 3 blade rotary razor, however I knew this before I bought it, what it does give you is a much smoother and comfortable shave which is what I wanted

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