Oral B Pro 1000 Review – Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Pro 1000 is an electric tooth brush, designed to clean three hundred times more plaque than a manual tooth brush does. It automatically comes up with controllable pulsation pressure.

8.1 Total Score

user friendly
  • Strong oscillation, rotation and pulsation pressure
  • Alert system to guide the users
  • Battery equipped with indicators
  • Much better than a manual tooth brush
  • Not much sensitive to gums
  • Not prone to care for teeth-insensitive
  • Requires instant cleansing after brushing
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Key Features

  • It has Oral-B Professional handle.
  • It comes up with a cross action brush head
  • Brush has a built in timer
  • It has a charger to recharge the battery.

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What is Oral B Pro 1000 rechargeable electric toothbrush?

Ss the name indicates, Oral B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush runs on a charged battery. It is a tooth-brush-cum-electronic gadget to cleanse the teeth. Its basic use is to ensure the teeth cleansing according to clinic guidelines. Electric toothbrushes are said to remove extra plaque as compared to the manual toothbrushes. Oral B Pro 1000 basically cleanses the teeth through a 3D action. It oscillates, pulsates and rotates on the teeth surface, making an angle of 16 degrees.

The toothbrush also comes up with a handler that allows noting down the precise two minutes time recommended by the doctors.

Oral B Pro-1000 stands with the likes of CrossAction, SensitiveClean, FlossAction, Deep Sweep, Ortho, and Dual Clean, 3 D White, TriZone, Precision Clean and PowerTip.

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How Oral B Pro 1000 works?

Oral-B Pro 1000 is much like any other electric toothbrush but it may not be as beneficial as other such toothbrushes are. The reason is that its features are quite limited to its competitors. Still, people who are more sensitive about their teeth and want a cleansing action followed by the guidance of dentists can choose this.

The working mechanism of Oral-B Pro 1000 can be divided into two parts.

On the basis of time:

Generally, dentists recommend a two minutes time for using the toothbrush; the time must be divided into four quarters, each consisting of 30 seconds.

In this regard, Oral-B Pro- 1000 is useful as it has a built in timer that has an automatic alert system. After passing 30 seconds it pauses for a brief period, reminding the user to make the change in location of cleansing on teeth. Still, users personally need to be careful about not using the brush on the same area for another 30 seconds.

To start the brush, one needs to put on the power button. After 2 minutes, pulsation of brush stops; those, who want to continue, can again turn on the power button. There is no mechanism to know if cleansing has been completed or not. The two-minute indicator is built-in and serves a general purpose. So, people with specific needs may not find it as helpful.

Rotational Effects:

3D movements powers the cleaning action of Oral B Pro 1000. It rotates, oscillates and then pulsates. Tooth enamel is quite sensitive; rinsing brush with greater pressure can cause damage to it resulting in loss of natural luster.

Pulsation pressure of electric toothbrush makes it possible to recognize if it is putting an extra pressure on a particular area. Thus, it automatically controls the pressure.

Oscillations and rotations in all the directions on teeth are smooth and likely to remove more plaque.

As described earlier, Oral-B Pro has limited features. It is likely to cause more issues, because of the fact that it fails to provide functions that an ideal electric toothbrush must have.

It has pressure sensors, but there is no way to control the toothbrush for gentle operation. In case, if oscillations cause pain in gums, then the problem is likely to become worse; as there are no sensors that can stimulate gentle pressure near gums. The toothbrush also lacks tongue cleansers, as compared to other updated electric teeth cleansers.

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How the battery of Oral-B Pro 1000 works?

Battery charged once, can have a life of seven days, allowing teeth cleansing twice a day; once in morning and once at night. There is a low battery indicator that shows up when the battery needs to be charged. After being fully charged indicator flashes.

There is no mechanism to know when the battery is about to turn low, there are chances that it may stop working during the brushing process. It comes up with its own battery station which is easy to use.

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If the purpose is to just get rid of plaque, which is otherwise impossible with manual tooth brush, then Oral B Pro 1000 electric B is the right choice. People who have issues with gum or sensitive to cold and heat should better consult their doctors; as Oral B Pro 1000 doesn’t have any mechanism to deal with it.


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