Navdy – Augmented Reality GPS Navigation System with Heads up Display

If you, like many others, are looking for a way to enjoy your driving experience, find the fastest route to your destinations, and remain connected to your loved ones and the world then you can trust Navdy GPS Navigation System to help you. It is convenient, easy to set up and simple to use. It uses a magnet to mount it onto your vehicle and dismounts readily.

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  • Easy installation
  • Beautiful display
  • Lets you stay connected
  • Exposed power cable
  • Is not cheap
  • Not so durable
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What is the Navdy – Augmented Reality GPS Navigation System?

The Navdy put simply is a GPS navigation system that uses an advanced augmented reality technology that creates a portable HUD (heads-up display) in your automobile.

The system helps you with navigation while enabling you to remain connected to your personal devices and listen to music, receive calls and messages.

The Navdy is first of a kind in the world. No other GPS navigation system allows you focus ahead while staying connected.

It uses a highly advanced technology that projects all the information you will need in the form of a transparent image over the road ahead.

With this, your chances of missing a turn or vital incoming information are naught.

Google Maps powers the device. Navdy’s built-in GPS helps you to easily find and navigate to your desired destination. The Google Map allows you access other features such as faster route suggestion as well as the prevailing traffic information.

You can also preload your preferred destinations, which the device synchronizes to enable you to have a great journey when you hit the road.

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This futuristic GPS navigations system is equipped with highly innovative features giving it a performance that is far above its competitors. This great performance is possible because of its hi-tech features.

The Augmented Reality Display – Navdy’s augmented reality display is advanced technologically, as it is stunningly beautiful. The technology projects desired information into the distance so the road remains in focus. The display renders images that are fully transparent, fully colored making them extremely clear and visible in direct sunlight. It dims automatically at night to protect your vision.

Natural Hand Gestures – Since the device lets you connected to your devices, it also allows you to control them. However, you do not need to reach out to your Smartphone or iPhone to accept, dismiss or return a call. It uses highly advanced, convenient natural hand gestures so you will not need to pick your phone. Just by making a gesture, you can accept, return or dismiss a call as necessary.

Notifications and Messages – Reading messages and notifications can distract a driver potentially leading to accidents. Navdy allows you to avoid this risk. It will read aloud all the notifications and messages you want from your Smartphone, iPhone or the like and let you reply them using Google Assistant or Siri. Thus, you will stay up-to-date and in control at all times.

Navdy Dash and Google Maps – This wonderful feature lets you customize your automobile dashboard with vital driver information such as fuel range, speed limit, MPG, RPG, compass and much more. Google Maps power the Navdy. This makes it easy to search for your desired destinations. It has built-in offline maps, real-time traffic, and built-in GPS. These features will show you the fastest route to take to reach your destination in good time.

The only issue you may have a problem with is the exposed power cable. The device connects to your automobile using OBD-II (Onboard Diagnostics) port, which in turn uses it for power supply.

The placement of the cable makes it unsightly. However, such cable visibility does not interfere with the performance of the Navdy in any way.

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The Navdy – Augmented Reality GPS Navigation System with Heads up Display is a beautiful GPS navigation tool that is easy to install and use. It has many hi-tech features that make it a great device for anyone wanting to enjoy a nice drive. The price is high compared to its competitor but its quality is also great. Navdy is a great GPS navigation system to use.

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  1. its great addition for your car. especially for older models that do not have android auto, etc.however… it is bulky (even the new one).. I bought it for my BMW 5 series, and did not fit in the space between the dashboard and windshield.i tried it on my odyssey. while there was plenty of room to fit it securely, but the base is just too big and blocked view of the road.I like the features and i want to keep it, however i will splurge when the makers are able to reduce the profile of the unit. until then, it does block line if sight.

  2. I was really wanting to like this, but the manufacturer is a total letdown. I received this unit and finally had time to install it a few days later prior to a short trip out of town, about 3 hours round trip. At first I was pleased with the functionality, but was (and am still) getting used to the interface. It’s a bit fussy to install, and it takes some time, but once installed it works well as long as you have a good bit of room on top of your dash. It works well in my truck, for example.However, within the first hour of it being on, the display suddenly glitched (see images). The display was unusable and even distracting. It was flickering, jumping around, and looked like it had bad interference. I powered it down and rebooted it, and the image recovered but quickly glitched out again. It never recovered for more than 5 minutes after the initial failure. Eventually it simply stopped working at all and even booted up in glitched, flickering mode (again, see photos).I immediately sent in a support ticket (which must be done through the app on the smart phone) along with submitting the software log. I immediately received an automated email response confirming receipt. In that email, strangely, it mentioned that they were extremely busy right now and if I wished to get faster service, I should call their toll free number. After waiting a few days without any further response, I tried calling the phone number provided. No answer. The email provided their business hours, which are fairly limited and are during normal work times in PST time zone. I tried about a dozen times over the course of the next week, all during their supposed operating hours, and never connected with anyone. I also never got a response by email.Finally, I got an automated response to my original email asking me to rate their response to my service request. In it was a link to a third-party service. I clicked on it, ready to tell them in total honesty what I thought, and was not surprised to find that their account had been terminated with that company. There was not even any way to review their horrible service.Fortunately, Amazon was willing to accept a return and replacement (or refund), so I chose to roll the dice again. The concept seems sound, and the 1 hour I had with the device seemed promising. Thus I have received the replacement and returned the broken unit, no thanks to the manufacturer. The replacement seems to be working for now, and I’ve been using it for more than an hour.It seems the manufacturer has abandoned this product, for some reason, or has at least decided not to offer any support for it any longer. Thus buyer beware. It may be advisable to look at competing products for now as Navdy seems to be a defunct company.

  3. I tried this product for a few weeks. I really liked the map / navigation. The audio didn’t work well, as it was hard to get it to be quiet enough in my car. Sounds odd, but even on the low setting in Navdy, my radio would be the normal volume, but the Navdy would come through really loud.Overall, I think it adds to the distraction of driving since you can see and read messages that come to your phone while driving. I agree that it would be better than picking up your phone and reading messages, but the real solution is that messages can wait if you are driving. I’ve returned this product because it seemed to make more distractions and felt less safe with it. The screen size seemed to be just a bit too small for the content on it also. The hand gestures seemed to be hit or miss.

  4. Navigation systems helps us a lot to get into our destination. One of the most popular ones is the Garmin nüviCam GPS Nav w/ Camera. It has a fantastic dual use GPS system with plenty of added safety features and a built in dash cam, 6 inch screen for easy viewing, voice-activated navigation, lane departure warning, front collision warning and more.

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